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At PleasureX, we help you ease your sexual cravings while taking care of your intimate hygiene with our range of products. 

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Founded and based in Australia, we are a proud member of the renowned EROS association, Australia’s leading adult-industry body, with over 25 years experience. With thousands of happy clients worldwide, we are among the prominent sex toy companies in Australia.

Following the Australian rules and regulations, we guarantee peace of mind with your purchase from PleasureX. Put an end to your sexual desires with our genuine high-rated products.

With our wide variety of customised sex dolls, you can buy a product as per your sexual affections. Our female adult dolls are curvy and slender, offering natural sexual intercourse experience. Our male sex dolls and female sex dolls are designed keeping tenderness and warmth in mind. They are free from any harmful substance like latex or phthalates that may cause irritation during prolonged use. Your search for the perfect sex doll ends with PleasureX. 

Our silicone sex dolls are beyond lifelike models. Incorporating the expressions of curiosity, excitement, and playfulness with the various body types and skin tones. We ensure that your bond with a silicone sex doll is beyond sexual intimacy. With our expertise, we have replicated nearly the exact feel of human skin in our sex dolls. 

Satisfy your sexual cravings and find the physical love you longed for! 

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Australian Leading Sex Doll Store

We take pride in satisfying the sexual desires of thousands of people with our range of products. Engulf in sensuality and make way for your wild dreams to come true with PleasureX

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PleasureX: A place where PASSION & PLEASURE meet!


Member of EROS

We are an active member of EROS, a body that regulates the Australian adult industry and ensures the best business practices.

Worldwide Reach

Our headquarters are in Melbourne and Sydney and our warehouses located in Australia, Canada, Belgium, USA, and Czech Republic

Australian Owned

Based in Australia, PleasureX is registered company (ABN 17 056 789 903) operating based on the rules and regulations governing the adult industry in Australia

Customer Feedbacks

We value our customers more than anything. We spend time understand their needs and go above and beyond to deliver the best product.

Range of Products

Our wide range of products include: TPE Sex Dolls, Silicone Sex Dolls, Couples Sex Toys, Female Sex Toys, Male Sex Toys.

24/7 Support

We are there for you in the thick and thin. Our 24/7 customer support team ensure instant help to our buyers with any questions or concerns.